Friday, March 28, 2014

The Remarkable Ann Downing

Dear Friends,

I'm super excited to chat with my friend Ann Downing today as my special guest. Ann is a longtime Southern Gospel recording artist, author and you may have probably seen her on nearly every Gaither Homecoming video ever made. I met Ann several years ago. She's a super nice lady that is loaded with talent that she uses for the Lord. As we get further into this conversation, you'll learn more about Ann, who she is and what she does. Let's get started.

PB: At what age did you discover a love for music?
AD: Probably at the age of 4 or 5.

PB:  What genre of music do you sing/play?
AD: I guess you could call my music gospel/church music.

PB:  Are you a songwriter?

AD: Yes

PB: Do you play any instruments?

AD: I play piano a little...and played bass clarinet in high school

PB: You don't just play a little piano. You tear that thing up. That was one talent I didn't know you had until I attended one of your concerts years ago. I was blown away with your talent. 

PB: What song(s) of yours might we be familiar with? 

AD: Well, as a soloist, the song most familiar would be "Climbing Jacob's Ladder"...and I guess a signature song would be "I Must Tell Jesus."

PB: Who has been your largest musical influence so far?

AD: A vocal coach by the name of Doug SusuMago....also, my childhood's first singing school teacher, Mr. Tommy Ferguson.

PB: Who do you credit as your biggest encouragement? 

AD: I think my sister, Lavern.

PB: Life on the road can be hard. What makes you want to keep on keeping on? 

AD: I don't mind road travel at all...I think my body was made to travel :).  And, when I sense that somebody is "gettin' it" when I'm singing and speaking, I know it's been worth it to get there and then get back home. 

PB: What do you consider as your greatest challenge as a recording artist/musician? 

AD: Nowadays, the big challenge is scheduling.  It's a challenge to continue to come up with fresh things to sing and say that would cause a church, promoter, retreat leader, to choose you.

PB: What news can we expect from you in the near future? 

AD: I'm writing my second book...hopefully will have it out by early 2015.

PB: I bought your first book-Skidmarks On the Road of Life and loved it. I also got you to sign it for me. What a treasure! 

PB: Do you have a website for my readers to check out?

PB: Are you on any of the social media sites?

AD: Yes, on Facebook

PB: Below you will find additional information about Ann. I hope you'll check it out. 

PB: Ann, thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to spend time with my readers and me so we could get to know you a little better.

AD: You're welcome, Pat.  I loved it.  I'm really appreciative of the invitation.
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