Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First official blog on this website

Dear Friends,

This is my first time to blog on my NEW website. It's Pat Brannon's Official Website, or as I like to call it sometimes-Jelly Bean Central. I LOVE the colorful jellybeans on my Home page.

When I started getting my feet wet with getting books published, it was all new territory to me. That was in 2002. My how things have changed a lot since then! However, there is one thing that remains the same-my love for the Lord. It has gotten even stronger than it was back then. I could have started out with children's books, but I didn't for a specific reason. I chose to get my Christian poetry book published first. This may not make sense to anyone but me, so I will explain. I wanted folks to read my poems and get a good sense from them of the kind of person I am and the kind of person I strive to be. I bared my heart in those poems. 99% of that book is about me, but a fraction is not. If you know me personally, you'll know the ones that aren't about me. If you'll notice, I didn't mention many names in the book. If I had done that, that would have limited my audience. I wanted Walk Softly (You're Steppin' On My Heart!) to be an encouragement to everyone that reads it, regardless what you're going through.

Since I'm on the subject of Walk Softly, I want to share a poem with you from the book.

                                                                 WIDOW'S MITE

Positioned on the third pew by the organ,
You'd find her singing to her precious Lord.
Everyday she did her best to serve Him,
Tackling daily battles with her "sword."

Though never one to have a lot of riches,
She steadily gave back to God above.
She gave what he require of His children,
Those He'd showered with His constant love.

As years progressed and sickness overtook her,
She never wavered in her quest to give.
Devoted to her Master, Lord and Savior,
The widow gave her mite to One who lives.

By standards of this world, she died a pauper,
But she was richer than most folks I know.
The Savior of this world lived deep within her;
Upon observing her, you'd find it so.

The widow didn't have much, yet her giving
Continued 'til the very day she died.
She was a walking testament to many
Of her Savior's love securely tucked inside.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my poem and I hope you'll make it a point to return regularly to check out my website and see what's new. Feel free to share my website with others that you think it might interest.

Until the next time,


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