Monday, March 31, 2014

Christi Pack Johnston, an Extraordinary Lady.

Dear Friends,

I hope you had a great weekend. I know I did. The temperatures are back and forth. One day I'm freezing. The next I'm comfortable. But, those are the little things in life I have no control over, so I'll just take each day as it comes. 

Today I have a real treat for you. Christi Pack Johnston from Atkins, Arkansas is my special guest today here at "JELLY BEAN CENTRAL." Christi is not only my cousin, but she is an amazing lady. You will want to get to know her. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious and she has a big story to tell.

PB: Good morning, Christi. I'm glad to have you as my guest on "JELLY BEAN CENTRAL today." I have several things I want to ask you, so let's get started.

PB: Christi is an amazing wife, mother, author, preacher and speaker. First and foremost, she is a strong Christian lady. Christi, that is my description of you. How would you describe yourself?

CPJ: I would describe myself as a loving, genuine "real deal" lady that loves The Lord Jesus more than anything!

PB: What makes you “tick?”

CPJ: My faith & my love for my family make me tick. 

PB: You are involved in many things. Tell us about some of them.

CPJ: I am a mother, caregiver of a handicapped child, hair stylist & a Christian Speaker. I am a "Jack of all trades." Each day is different!

PB: I’ve already mentioned that you are an author, preacher and speaker. Do you sing too? Do you play any instruments? I can honestly say that I don't know the answers to some of my questions, even though we are family.

CPJ: I do not sing. I am literally tone deaf & instruments are just as bad! I make up my own of Z flat & make a joyful noise!!!

PB: Well, Z flat is a new one for me. lol. 

PB: Since we are family, I know that a large majority of your time is spent taking care of Hannah Brooke, your youngest daughter. Will you share about Hannah and what that entails for you and your family? I think most of my readers will be greatly surprised when they read what you experience daily with Hannah.

CPJ: My daughter, Hannah Brooke, was born with severe cerebral palsy. She cannot walk, talk, see, nor eat by mouth. She has epilepsy & is wheelchair bound. We must do every single thing for her. She is the love of my life & her smile lights up a room.

PB: When you first received the news about the many things that were wrong with Hannah, what went through your mind? 

CPJ: Why me? I did everything right. People do drugs & their babies are ok sometimes. I drank a diet Coke. That's it. Why, why me?

PB: You have another daughter too. How old is Megan now and what does she like to do?

CPJ: Meg is 12 & loves The Lord more than anything! She loves to study her Bible, texting on her IPhone, basketball, and softball.

PB: I’ve never seen a more loving mother than you are with Hannah and Meg. Have you always been a patient person?

CPJ: I have always been a nurturer & patient. As a kid I wanted to be a vet because I would clean up animals & love them back to life. 

PB: Jamie, your husband, is definitely a God-send. How does Jamie help you the most with Hannah since you’re a working mother and you have a family to care for too? 

CPJ: Jamie helps me by being my rock. He's stable & when things are tough, he encourages me.

PB: Your book, Love Language, was written about Hannah. Can you tell us why you wrote the book?

CPJ: I wanted others to know that God can take any situation & bless it. He takes our mess & gives us a message of Hope if we cast our cares upon Him.

PB:  What kind of comments have you gotten after folks have read Love Language? I know I was awestruck after reading my copy. 

CPJ: People have been touched & folks even saved by the story. You never know what someone is going through until you know their story.

PB:  As a Christian mother, I know Hannah’s journey is one that you can use to witness to others and tell of God’s goodness. What are some of the opportunities that have opened up for you because of Hannah’s situation?

CPJ: To testify of Gods strength & power to overcome any obstacle. If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it! I have been able to open my life up & encourage others to "press on" in Christ.

PB: Tell my readers about your speaking engagements? 

CPJ: God has allowed me to go into churches, meetings, ladies' events & share my story. I have been sharing my story and also have begun preaching the Word as well. I am a licensed minister through the AB of C Organization.

PB: How far are you willing to travel to speak at a church, event, conference and etc.? 

CPJ: I am willing to travel 6-7 hours, depending on the event & time.

PB: Do you have a favorite scripture?

CPJ: Jeremiah 29:13

PB: What are some things my readers may not know about you?

CPJ: I love coffee, despise seafood (even the smell) & enjoy the beach! 

PB: I know you’re on Facebook. Are you on any other social media sites?

CPJ: I am on Twitter and Facebook. 

PB: As a loving, concerned mother, how do you feel about protecting your family from the inappropriate TV shows, commercials and the technology age in general? 

CPJ: We very rarely watch TV & when we do we have rules & boundaries. I also have my daughters phone linked to my IPad so I always know what is going on.:) 

PB: Do you have a website? Where can Love Language be purchased?


PB: Christi, as we wrap up this interview, what parting words would you like to leave with my readers?  

CPJ: You can do whatever you make your mind up to do. Truly YOU can do ALL things, not some things, through Christ. Devote your life to Him. Keep Him as the " Centerpiece" and all things will work for your good!

Christi, it's been a true joy chatting with you today about yourself, your family and your ministry. Best wishes in the days ahead. Give those sweet girls a hug for me. 

Well, friends. You have gotten to spend a few minutes today getting to know my cousin Christi Pack Johnston. She is absolutely"on fire" for the Lord. I can't think of two better parents to entrust with Hannah and Meg's care. They are truly awesome!

I hope you will take a minute and order Love Language by Christi Pack Johnston. It will remind you what a big God we serve and how one family deals with the fact of learning that their baby has many challenges ahead of her. Below is the Amazon link to order this phenomenal book. You'll be glad you did.

If you need a speaker for a conference, revival and etc., I hope you'll consider Christi. She stands on God's Word unashamedly. 

Until next time,


Saturday, March 29, 2014

The INCREDIBLE Kathy Crabb Hannah

Dear Friends,

Today I have a special treat for all of you. I want you to meet a wonderful lady-Kathy Crabb Hannah. Welcome to my part of the world, Kathy. Let's chat a while and allow my readers to get to know you. 

PB: Kathy, I want to tell my faithful readers that you and I have never met in person, but we have been Facebook friends for a while and I feel like I know you from your Facebook posts. I can tell that you are a very intelligent lady with vast knowledge. Having said that, still there are many things I’d love to know about you myself and would like to share with my readers. So, let’s get on with the show. 

PB: Kathy, where is your hometown? Do you still live there?  

KCH: I was born in Centertown, KY, moved to Elizabethtown, KY when I was 2, and returned to Ohio County, KY (the same county I was born in) when I was 13 following the sudden death of my dad. I have claimed Beaver Dam, KY as home for many years. This is all "Ohio County" and the towns are small and truly one overlaps the next. An Ohio Countian is all I usually have to say. Most of us from that area are related by blood or marriage. :) I now live in Hendersonville, TN. We (being myself, Gerald, and all 6 kids and all of the grandchildren) moved in 2003. TN is truly my home, but my KY roots are deep and blue. Blue as in Big Blue Nation: A.K.A Wildcats Basketball!!! I am a true blue fan!! 

PB: Tell us about your family-parents, siblings, spouse, children and etc., whatever you want to share. 

KCH: My mom was in her thirties when I was born, my dad was nearly forty. They were quiet people that may even be characterized as different. We certainly lived a life that was different than most of my school friends. My siblings were much older and I was most likely an oops baby, even though my mother denied that all the way to the grave!! :) Nonetheless, my sisters were 10 and 14 years older, and my brother was closest to my age at 8 years older. I grew up as an only child for the most part. And truly, I had good parents, but I had an unhappy and unusual childhood. The story is long, and too much to explain unless this is going to be a book. :) 

I am married to Steve Hannah. Soon after our move to TN I was faced with a surprise divorce. That is a subject that I will leave alone. But let's just say that I spent a year crying, lost 50 lbs. in 4 months, and wasn't sure I would ever smile again because I was unhappy….I knew how to "fake" smile, don't we all? But I remember wondering would I ever volunteer that laughter and grin when I am alone, just thinking or reading, will it ever be voluntary? The good news: It happened. Steve is everything I could have hoped for. He is possibly going to be nominated for saint hood. LOL He married me and signed up for the "BIG" package of ALL of these kids, grandkids, and the daily multi-tasking that my life entails. Again, this would take a chapter to explain. It's truly a complicated, but beautiful life! 

PB: There’s no doubt that you are an educated person. Can you give us a glimpse into your educational background?  

KCH: My dad died suddenly when I was 13. My life quickly spiraled downward. He was our rock. He died of a heart attack and we weren't mentally or emotionally prepared. Financially, we were fine, but the toll this loss took on my life will never be corrected. I found myself living on my own for the most part after his death. My mother had what most consider a "nervous breakdown" and made some irrational choices that left me a bit alone. I spent some time with my Aunt Net, but most of my existence for the next 4 years would be "here and there, and everywhere!" I went to high school for 2 months. That's it!! At 15 years old I took my G.E.D and passed, but didn't get my diploma until my class graduated. That was the rule in those days. I went to work when I was 16, and have been working ever since, with the exception of a year or two when Krystal was a baby. I went to college when I was 25 to study accounting….problem was I already had children and needed to work and go to school. I did it for the better part of 3 years, but ended up needing more hours and had to make a choice. Today as I look through the "rear view mirror" at this situation, I know that I did the right thing. I HATE accounting. I was a lover of math, but accounting is NOT my thing. I like math and people…..not accounting. There is a HUGE difference!! I hadn't figured that out at 25. LOLOL I have never felt uneducated, although some would differ with me on this. My dad was a highly intelligent man and my mom was a Bible reading, Jesus believing radically saved Christian. I feel that I am certainly their by-product!! I was educated in the school of hard knocks, travel,  and also the school of reading. I read constantly. I have traveled extensively. I read the news every morning before I get out of bed. How awesome is it that we don't even need a newspaper, we can use our phones. I am a current events person, and also love the learning of a hands on experience. I tell the kids, if you can dream it, you are willing to work hard enough, you can have it!! Period! Some would call me persistent, actually most would call me persistent, but in the last few years I have mellowed. I pick my battles and live a bit more in the "happy" zone. Is it worth? Will it make someone's life better? I try to make sure a battle meets this criteria. 

PB: What do you do for a living? 

KCH: I have been a realtor in the Nashville area since October 2007. I got my real estate license on a whim! My husband has been a realtor for 28 years and I had retired the Crabb Family (which had been my life's accomplishment) after working 24/7 to create a brand from an unknown group of kids from KY. I had worked as owner, manager, day to day decision maker, and in the early years when they still lived at home, domestic goddess of a house full of kids. For instance, in 1996 we were living in Beaver Dam, KY in a 1700 square foot house. All 6 kids were living with us, and Krystal was back home after a divorce, AND she had a 2 year old (Edie)… we have 8 adults and one child in 1700 feet. Yep!! But guess what? We had goals, passion, work ethic, and we were ALL happy. Happiness in ANY job comes with goals.  

My current real estate endeavor has been hugely blessed. I got my license at the beginning of the housing meltdown and I learned in the toughest of times. My first year was good, next was better, and so on and so on. The FAVOR of God is there for us if we take the steps to gain it. I am truly a believer in that. We do our part, He does His!! And yes, I love my job. As far as careers, my first love was music, my second is houses….I did music for 15, plan to be in real estate for 15. Then who knows? I will be 66 by then. Maybe I will run for President!! LOLOL I am just kidding. I truly think I may write a book, or two……or three. :) 

PB: What do you like to do to unwind after a hard day’s work? 

KCH: Work some more. :) 

PB: Do you have any hobbies? We have a boat. I love the water…but I tend to work wherever I am. EVEN on the boat. We had to buy a cruiser with a quiet living space underneath with a/c, and all of the comforts of home so that I could conduct ALL of my business as needed. I am built that way. And, I truly believe that 58 year olds don't change. This comment will spark arguments over dinner, but that's just my opinion. We may find Jesus, but we don't leave an altar smarter, or thinner, or less opinionated, or more athletic. Change in old people is rare. I am a workaholic. I will probably always be. I find a way to integrate work into pleasure. That's why I was successful in the music business….and truly this has been my "friend" in real estate as well. I am a hands on, micromanager at times, otherwise known as a control freak. LOL 

But let me say this. MY grandchildren? Priority 1. Their parents raise them, but I am the undergirding if ever needed. I kept Kelly's 3 girls and took care of Mike and Kelly for months after the bus wreck. When they went back on the road I kept the children at home for a year to keep them OFF the bus. If my kids need me, MY world shuts down. THEY are my priority. ALL 6 or them and their families!! PERIOD!. And the coolest thing is, they know that. I am the 3 AM call they make, and that's how I want it to be. MY job is to make these kids know that I love THEM for what they are, not WHO they are.  So, I guess my hobbies are my kids. Does that count? 

PB: Do you play any instruments? I played piano for the kids for 10 years. When I could afford I hired a REAL musician to take my place! LOL  I am a "behind the scenes" person when it comes to the limelight. But I am not a behind the scenes person when it comes to decision making. PULL me up a chair!! LOL 

PB: Have you traveled to any foreign countries?  

KCH: I have. I traveled to multiple foreign countries with the kids….back in the day. I loved it, but I am a bit over it. I hate long flights!  

PB: I know you are a serious supporter for the Kentucky Wildcats. How much does sports factor into your life?  

KCH: I am a spectator only!! I think I should underline that sentence in red. But, I love the KY tradition of bleeding blue and always staying loyal to the Wildcats. My thoughts are, if you would leave KY and find a NEW team, you would probably cheat on your spouse! JUST a thought. LOL 

PB: From your Facebook posts I’ve read, you seem to have definite opinions about things in the political realm. Have you ever thought about running for office one day in some capacity? 

KCH: I think I would have enjoyed politics. I have strong opinions, but I also consider myself a negotiator. This is what we must consider in these upcoming elections. Washington is so polarized! I am VERY conservative, but I am tired of gridlock. The senate majority leader has done 20 years of damage with his management of the senate. He has no concern for "We The People" nor the good of the people. I think it's best that I answer the question and move on. In other words: I don't need to get started because I won't shut up!! LOL No, I won't be running for a political office. I am too old to start now. But, thanks for noticing my thoughts and please vote your heart in November!! We need a majority in the senate. 

PB: There are a few things that I do know about you. I know you have some family members that are very well-known, although some folks may not know who they are. Will you share with all of us who those family members are? 

KCH: I married Gerald Crabb when I was 35. I had Krystal and Kelly, and he had Jason, Adam, Aaron, and Terah. We put them in a box, shook it up, and treated them all the same. We told them they were siblings. They believed us. Today, they are STILL siblings. The divorce changed nothing. We are still a family.  All of them love Steve. God's good like that….to replace the heartbreak and loss with a success story!! Gerald and I were married for 15 years and  I was the Crabb Family owner/manage for that entire time, plus a few years past the divorce. We made a family decision to separate into multiple ministries in 2007.  In the early days I was told to change the name "Crabb" or we didn't have a chance. I was told that by all of the NASHVILLE crowd. We didn't. The rest is history.  

Here are my babies:
Krystal: Cornerstone Church, Nashville, TN, age 39 (administrative pastoral assistant)
Jason: Jason Crabb Ministries, age 37 (singer)
Kelly: Bowling Family Ministries, age 36  (singer)
Aaron: Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, TX age 34 (worship leader)  and (Aaron and Amanda Crabb Ministries)
Adam: Gaither Vocal Band, age 34 (singer)
Terah: Terah Crabb Penhollow Ministries, age 31 (singer) 

PB: I saw The Crabb Family in New Albany, MS one night several years ago with several members from my church. It was coming a torrential downpour, storming all around us with lightning everywhere. We were sitting on a parking lot in metal chairs getting drenched. That was definitely not the smartest thing I’ve ever done, sitting outside in a bad storm. But, we were all waiting for The Crabb Family to take the stage, the last group of the night. That night there was a hot air balloon that was part of the big Gospel night. The wind blew the balloon into the power lines and the balloon caught fire. The word I got was that Kelly Crabb Bowling and one of her daughters were the last ones to get off when that happened. I did see a lady and a young girl exit the balloon before it caught fire. Do you know if Kelly and her daughter were the ones I saw exiting that balloon that night? Have you heard this story from Kelly?  

KCH: I text Kelly and asked her about this. Her response. Yes Mom, it happened. I knew you would kill me. I never told you. She's right. Enough said!!  

PB: Oops. Sorry to let the "cat out of the bag," Kelly. 

PB: You must be very proud of your family. They have now gone into separate areas of ministry, but they all still involve music. I think it’s wonderful that they can each stand alone on their own merit or come together in any number of varieties-solo-duet-family and etc. What a talented family you have! Now you get to brag about your kids. 

KCH: Well the talent is unending….truly there is enough talent in the house to blow the house up when they're all here. But that is not what amazes me. What amazes me is that they are still humbled that people want to hear them. They still carry that humbleness that usually leaves after about the 2nd Dove award or the 4th #1 song. THAT'S the part that I love. I tell them often….God's hand on you is your ticket. Live in a manner that God can protect you and you can expect it. They ALL know where they came from, and where they're  going. Truly, knowing these two things keep them ALL on the road of blessings. Krystal isn't a singer, but works in a ministry and is extremely active in soul winning. Truly I AM the most blessed person I know. 
Blood is thicker than water, but love and time spent is thicker than blood. I love them ALL!!  

PB: With everyone spread out in different directions at times, is there ever a time that you all get together under the same roof for some visiting and maybe some singing too?  

KCH: Yes we do. When I have a birthday party, cook out, or just a drop by….always at Christmas and all holidays. It's a natural thing….Mike migrates to the piano….and it happens, and it is GLORIOUS!! 

PB: As a grandmother myself, I know the joys that a grandchild brings to a family. How many grandchildren do you have?  

KCH: 14 total, Eden is the oldest at 19, Ean the baby at 3. Both will be having birthdays in July, so my beginning and probably my ending is July, as it relates to grand babies!! Now, I could get a surprise…who knows, but it would BE a surprise!! I became a grandmother at 38. Looking back, I was so young!!! But, it was such a joy. Each of them are so different, but all amazing and truly gifted. I bet you all knew I was going to say that. I have athletes, singers, actresses, musicians….the entire gambit. I have 10 granddaughters, and 4 grandsons. We have lots of blue eyes and fair skinned babies. We have a redhead, many blondes, and several brunettes. And of course, they are all stunningly beautiful. :) The grandchildren are coming into their own and are going to be the next generation of Jesus loving singers!! :) 

PB: What is your favorite activity to do with them? 

KCH: This would be a very long answer….so I will say…music in various forms, cooking, pool time, and boat…also shopping, nails….see, the list gets long. :) You would just have to be here to understand!! LOLOL I can't leave out makeovers, dress up time, fashion shows, parties….ok. I am stopping. This would be an all day affair to describe. Summary: GOOD times. Family times. We love Christmas. That is another interview, another time :) 

PB: How often do you get to see them? 

KCH: I see the 11 that live in TN often. Of course, the older they get, and the more active their lives are… becomes more about their schedule than mine. But I get such a thrill when I see them and one of them jumps out of the car and runs to me saying "Granny…Granny…Granny" and often times they are taller than I am. My heart smiles:) Amanda and Aaron are moving back to TN in June and I am SO excited to make up for lost time with their 3!! It's an answer to prayer.  

PB: Do you foresee your grandchildren walking in the musical footsteps of the rest of the family? 

KCH: One word. YES! Truthfully, though, I don't care what they do for a career. I just care that they're Saved, Sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost!!! 

PB: Do you have a favorite scripture? 

KCH: Romans 8:28 

PB: Kathy, it’s been my pleasure to chat with you for a little while today. I am confident I know you better than when we started this interview. What parting words of wisdom can you leave for my readers and me?  

KCH: My favorite nugget of wisdom is this: What you compromise to keep, you lose. This principal will always be true!! And also, those of you that have step families, treat them all the same, or as close as possible. They will notice, and they will be better people for it. Stepchildren know that you love them because you CHOSE them, and that makes a difference, truly. You married the parent and the kids!! In my case I Got 4 of them in one day. My life was changed forever, and so was theirs!!! Bottom line, love doesn't read divorce documents. 10 year olds don't read divorce documents. They just know they love who they love. No matter what others may choose, I choose to be here for my 6 kids and be the best granny in Tennessee!!! PERIOD!!! I am cool like that! LOLO  In the end, I win. I have the kids and the memories.  God has been good to this old KY girl!!! I love Him more each day, for He has given me the desires of my sometimes broken heart. He alone is faithful!!!  

PB: Kathy, you are truly an amazing lady. I thought I was pretty well read on you and your family,, but even I learned several new things today. It has been a true joy chatting with you for a little while. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family in ways that only He can. 

Well, as you've read, I have just talked with Kathy Crabb Hannah and the lady is totally awesome. I don't know how it could possibly be, but it you've never heard of The Crabb Family individually or as a whole, I hope you'll make it a point to become acquainted with this remarkable musical family and their music. It will bless your heart. 

Until next time,


Friday, March 28, 2014

The Remarkable Ann Downing

Dear Friends,

I'm super excited to chat with my friend Ann Downing today as my special guest. Ann is a longtime Southern Gospel recording artist, author and you may have probably seen her on nearly every Gaither Homecoming video ever made. I met Ann several years ago. She's a super nice lady that is loaded with talent that she uses for the Lord. As we get further into this conversation, you'll learn more about Ann, who she is and what she does. Let's get started.

PB: At what age did you discover a love for music?
AD: Probably at the age of 4 or 5.

PB:  What genre of music do you sing/play?
AD: I guess you could call my music gospel/church music.

PB:  Are you a songwriter?

AD: Yes

PB: Do you play any instruments?

AD: I play piano a little...and played bass clarinet in high school

PB: You don't just play a little piano. You tear that thing up. That was one talent I didn't know you had until I attended one of your concerts years ago. I was blown away with your talent. 

PB: What song(s) of yours might we be familiar with? 

AD: Well, as a soloist, the song most familiar would be "Climbing Jacob's Ladder"...and I guess a signature song would be "I Must Tell Jesus."

PB: Who has been your largest musical influence so far?

AD: A vocal coach by the name of Doug SusuMago....also, my childhood's first singing school teacher, Mr. Tommy Ferguson.

PB: Who do you credit as your biggest encouragement? 

AD: I think my sister, Lavern.

PB: Life on the road can be hard. What makes you want to keep on keeping on? 

AD: I don't mind road travel at all...I think my body was made to travel :).  And, when I sense that somebody is "gettin' it" when I'm singing and speaking, I know it's been worth it to get there and then get back home. 

PB: What do you consider as your greatest challenge as a recording artist/musician? 

AD: Nowadays, the big challenge is scheduling.  It's a challenge to continue to come up with fresh things to sing and say that would cause a church, promoter, retreat leader, to choose you.

PB: What news can we expect from you in the near future? 

AD: I'm writing my second book...hopefully will have it out by early 2015.

PB: I bought your first book-Skidmarks On the Road of Life and loved it. I also got you to sign it for me. What a treasure! 

PB: Do you have a website for my readers to check out?

PB: Are you on any of the social media sites?

AD: Yes, on Facebook

PB: Below you will find additional information about Ann. I hope you'll check it out. 

PB: Ann, thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to spend time with my readers and me so we could get to know you a little better.

AD: You're welcome, Pat.  I loved it.  I'm really appreciative of the invitation.
Are you interested in scheduling Ann Downing but need information to present to your pastor, board, or committee?   For on-line viewing ease, documents are listed individually.  Printing the Informational Promo Kit is the best option for introducing others to Ann Downing Ministries.


                                       Additional questions or assistance needed?

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                                                                              1-615-827-0069 fax

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Great Healer

Dear Friends,

I hope all of you had a good night's rest and are feeling chipper today. As you've noticed, I've not blogged in a few days. It was time for my six month check-up to see if I was still cancer free, so my husband and I flew to the Minn./St. Paul airport, then shuttled to our hotel in Rochester, MN on Sunday. On Monday morning and afternoon I had lab work, a PET scan and my final childhood immunizations. When you have a stem cell transplant, they wipe EVERYTHING from your body and you must start back rebuilding your immune system. You start at .1. That is the lowest you can go. It's VERY hard to build back up. One day your numbers will go up. The next day they'll go down. Sometimes you feel like a bouncing ball going back and forth.

On Wednesday morning we met with my awesome doctor, Dr. Luis Porrata, to get my tests results. I am 100% cancer free and I thank God for that more than you'll ever know unless you've walked in my shoes. I will return in six months for more lab work and a chest x-ray. This time I will wait one year before I have another PET scan. That has never happened before.

I know there are many good doctors at Mayo, but I'm confident that Dr. Porrata was God-sent just for me. We love him and he loves us. He absolutely has my best interest at heart. 
Over 400 transplants were done just last year, I could easily get lost in the numbers, but not with Dr. Porrata. At my check-up last September, he told Howard and me that he considers us family. We feel the same way about him. I've never had a doctor tell me that before. 

Now that I've received my clean bill of heath, I plan to keep doing what I've been doing-sharing the good news of Jesus whenever I can, enjoying my family and continue writing books and songs.

Just to let you know, I have some amazing folks that I'll be interviewing soon. Here's a taste of some of the highly accomplished folks you'll be reading about: Ann Downing, Marty Funderburk, Rodney Griffin, Kathy Crabb Hannah, Geron Davis, Shannon Knight, Greg Wiggins and a host of others. I'm pretty sure you're gonna want to check back and read about these awesome people.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful day. Keep Christ as the focus of everything you do and He will take it from there.

Until next time,


Thursday, March 20, 2014

You'll want to read about Karen Deming-WA Children's Author and Book Illustrator

Dear Friends,

Today I'm happy to welcome Mrs. Karen Deming to my blog. Karen is an extremely talented person. I don't believe there is a lazy bone in her body. I don't see how there could be since she is such a busy person.

Karen and I first met about two years ago via FB when she illustrated a children's book for me. The title is Has a Donkey Ever Brought You Breakfast in Bed?. She did an excellent job and it's now my biggest seller in the children's area. Karen has gone on to illustrate two more books for me since then. They are The Swizzledorfers Visit the Big Top and Show and Smell, all rhyming picture books that are highly visual. While I know Karen mostly as an illustrator, I wanted to turn your attention to her writing today.

It's time to move on and learn more about Karen. Grab a glass of sweet tea or a cup of coffee and enjoy yourself.

PB: Karen, what first triggered your interest  in writing?

KD: I was always interested in story-telling.  As a small child, before even kindergarten, I would staple paper together and draw pictures to create a simple storyboard.  My parents and grandparents always gave me praise over my drawings and short stories which fueled my desire to write and illustrate.

PB: How old were you at the time?

KD: I’m not sure my exact age when I first created a picture story – but it was before school years, so perhaps six or even younger.  I’ve been drawing as far back as I can remember.

PB: In what genre do you write?

KD: I write mostly for children, but I do have a novel that I’ve been working on.  I started it when I was seventeen and have recently decided to revisit it.  The novel is historical fiction.  So far, everything I write has had a positive Christian message, which is important to me.

PB: What is the first thing that you wrote?

KD: My first true writing experience was in a creative writing class while I was in high school.  My first published work is a personalized children’s book titled: “Do you know…God made you?”

PB: Karen, how many hours per week do you devote to your craft?

KD: Currently I am dedicating most of my time to illustrating for other authors.  But I jot down ideas when they come to me for my own later writing ventures.

PB: What are your greatest aspirations as a writer?

KD: My children’s books are part of a world-wide book ministry that my husband and I founded.  Today my first children’s book has been enjoyed by children in Africa and Asia through outreach ministries.  The costs of the book ministry is fueled by the sales of my hardcover children’s book.  I hope that this ministry grows to include many more nations.  I do dream that someday, my novel and my other fictional works will be published and perhaps will someday be performed on the “big screen" or stage.

PB: What person has influenced you the most with your writing?

KD: I have enjoyed the works of William Shakespeare and it was a speech in the play, “Hamlet” which inspired the start of my first novel.  I am a visual person, and I am most inspired by artwork sometimes rather than other books or novels.  My three children, however; are my greatest inspirations for my children’s book ideas. 

PB: What one person has been your biggest encouragement as you pursue your goals?

KD: When I was a child, my parents and grandparents were my biggest cheerleaders.  Today, my greatest support comes from my husband and children.

PB: What motivates you to keep writing? 

KD: I am motivated by others who have seen or read my work and enjoy it.  Seeing the joy my work gives to others inspires me to keep pursuing writing and illustrating as a career.
PB: When you aren’t writing, what do you like to do?

KD: When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading to my children, or catching a movie.       

PB: Do you do public appearances?

 KD: Yes. I enjoy speaking publicly.  I love to share stories, real stories, funny stories, and testimonies with children and adults.

PB: If so, are you available to travel for events/engagements?

KD:  I am able to travel within the state of Washington at this time.

PB: Do you have a website for my readers to check out?


PB:What is one thing that makes you totally unique?

KD: We all have our quirks. I have always made up stories while riding in a car or driving – usually while listening to classical music. 

PB: What can you share about yourself that might surprise my readers?

KD: In the spring and summer, you can find me on a tractor plowing the field for our yearly corn maze and pumpkin patch.

Karen, thank you for spending time with me today. I'm sure my readers have learned many things about you they may not have known before. Keep writing and illustrating. You are blessing so many with your God-given talents.

Below you will find Karen's bio. I hope you'll read it and get to know this mother, wife, author and illustrator even better.

Karen Deming is an author and illustrator of children’s books.  She is the mother of three busy children and the owner of chickens, rabbits, dogs, and even homing pigeons.  When she isn’t writing or drawing pictures, you can find her fixing fences, plowing the field, or planning her farm’s yearly corn maze adventure.  Karen loves to watch ideas and dreams come to life.  It’s this reason why Karen farms, writes, illustrates, and dreams up new and imaginative worlds for others to enjoy and explore.

Until next time,


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Random Questions

Dear Friends,

Good morning to all of you. Yesterday I posted some questions on Facebook and I got an overwhelming response of answers. I love it. I thought I'd continue those questions today and move them over to my blog instead. 

Based on my years of growing up mostly in the country, I lived a very different life that what I live now. Yesterday I asked about drinking water from a well, swimming in a creek and etc. Today I want to hear what you have to say about the following subjects.

1. Have you ever wrung a chicken's neck?

2. Have you ever slept under a "stack" of quilts to stay warm?

3. Did you ever cool your house by just raising the windows, no window or A/C units for us back then?

4. Have you ever attended a one-room church?

5. Have you ever ridden a mule bareback?

6. Have you ever visited an outhouse?

Ok, I think this is a good place to stop and let you get busy answering these questions. Feel free to pick one or all of them to answer. There is a comment place below where you can share your thoughts with my other readers and me. I do hope you'll participate. While you're on the page, why not check out my books? There might be one you haven't read yet or one that you want to purchase for someone you know. You can order all of my books at Amazon or directly from me.

I hope you have a great day. 

Until next time,


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Tuesday Morning

Dear Friends,

Today is another beautiful day simply because we're alive. The weather may not be good where you are and there may be other circumstances in your life that are less than ideal, but if you're breathing it's still a good day.

I have many special guests that I will feature in coming days. However, today I want to take a different path and tell you a little about my writing. My first book was a Christian poetry book titled Walk Softly (You're Steppin' On My Heart!). That book was released in 2002 and is still a big seller for me today. Next came a long line of fun, whimsical children's books. I have written chapter books, picture books and rhyming picture books. And, I've written a short story collection about my life growing up on an ol' dirt road in rural Arkansas. Check out this synopsis of that book. Believe it or not I lived in a much different world back then than the one I know now. 

Remember the good ol' days when things were simple, sweet tea was the drink of choice, and small-town America was the place you called home? Mud Puddles and Muscadines is a heartwarming and sometimes humorous collection of Southern anecdotes about growing up and experiencing life in rural Arkansas. Take a trip back through the years and see what childhood was like for a simple country girl. 

If you have ever lived in the country, you will totally understand the life I lived all those years ago. If you have lived in the city all of your life, you'll still be highly entertained when reading Mud Puddles and Muscadines. Guess what, this is a nonfiction book and I actually name names. You might know some of the folks in my book. 

I started out at the age of nine writing a Country song with my daddy and performing on stage with his band. I just didn't think that life could get any better. Music was constantly around me. I'm sure that's why I love to sing and write songs today. 

I still sing and I still write songs and I have two more books in progress that should be released in the new few weeks. Watch for Violet's Not-So-Velvet Voice and Meet the Darlin' Dujeezeys. You'll love them both I think. Other books of mine to be on the lookout for in the future are Bubba Bogart and His Blazing Beetle Band and The Parade of the Prancing Pets. 

While you might think the above mentioned books are all I've written, that would be wrong. I have many more that are already written, but just need a little polish to make them publishing ready. 

You can purchase ALL of my books on Amazon. I hope you'll stroll right on over there and order one or two of them. If you want signed copies, you MUST order directly from me via Facebook. There are many Pat Brannons on Facebook. Go figure. But, you can find me at You can follow me on Twitter @PatBrannon3 also.

Well, that's about it for now. I hope you have an awesome day and that you will come back daily to my website and read the latest blog. My guests are gonna be awesome. I have some highly accomplished folks that will be featured on here in coming days. Scroll down to see who some of those are. 

Until next time,


Monday, March 17, 2014

Children's author Aileen Stewart

Dear Friends,

Today I am featuring Aileen Stewart, an Ohio children's book writer, as my guest. As Facebook works, Aileen and I have never met in person, but we have interacted in the book world before. She feels like a longtime friend to me.

I truly want you to get to know Aileen too through the following questions and see what remarkable things she is doing in the world of children's literature. So, I want to introduce Aileen Stewart to you today. Please make her feel welcome.

PB: Aileen, it's great to have you as my guest today. I want my readers to get to know you and your work. So, let's get started. What first triggered your interest in writing?

AS: When I was in fourth grade, my teacher entered the students in my class in a poetry contest. I did not win, but I did receive an honorable mention which absolutely thrilled me. Around this time, my father also started freelance writing for hunting and fishing magazines. Because my father was my hero, I wanted to emulate him.

PB: How old were you at the time?

AS: I was nine at the time.

PB: In what genre do you write?

AS: I write in the children’s genre. Currently my published book, Fern Valley – A Collection of Short Stories, is a chapter book. The sequel, Return To Fern Valley, which releases this summer is also a chapter book, but I hope to break into the picture book market. 

PB: What is the first thing that you wrote?

AS: The first item I wrote was the poem in fourth grade. After that, for many years, I wrote poetry and short stories for my own pleasure, often incorporating poetry into the Christmas cards I created for family and friends.

PB: How many hours per week do you devote to your craft?

AS: This is a very good question Miss Pat. I don’t actually have a set schedule or certain number of hours per week that I write. I have read in many articles that one should write every day, but I find that to be a highly unreasonable expectation. To begin with, each writer is different and feels differently about the creative process. I have a nine year old, a husband, and three cats to care for. I volunteer at my daughter’s school and at my local library, In other words, I have a life that sometimes interferes with writing.

I also don’t feel inspired every day. Some people might call that writer’s block, but I call it reality. When I do get inspiration, I tend to write quite a bit. I also need quiet to write, which can typically only be found when my daughter is at school or after she goes to bed. I do, however, post diligently each Monday on my blog
Aileen’s Thoughts.  

PB: What are your greatest aspirations as a writer?

AS: My greatest aspirations as a writer are multiple and complex. I want to reach my readers, be they children or adults, and make them feel something. And hopefully what they feel is some kind of a connection with my characters. I also want to encourage reluctant readers to read. And then there is the money subject, which is probably not politically correct to talk about, but it is part of why I write. I don’t want to be rich or famous, but it would be nice to earn a living, no matter how small, by doing what I love so passionately. 

PB: What person has influenced you the most with your writing?

AS: I would have to say that both my father and my husband have influenced my writing equally. My father influenced me, initially, by encouraging me to read and write well. He continually told me, when I was a child, that kids who could read well could do anything. That is something I never forgot, and it is my motto to this day.

But it was my husband who actually encouraged me to start writing for children. This came about when my daughter was only three and we were watching cartoons together. I noticed that most of the cartoons we were watching were based on books. Casually, I mentioned to my husband that I could write stories with characters good enough to be made into cartoons. Being the serious individual that he is, he looked at me and said, “Then why don’t you.” And he has continued to encourage and support me with my writing dreams no matter how big they might seem.

PB: What one person has been your biggest encouragement as you pursue your goals?

AS: I guess I answered this question above, but I would like to add that I have met a number of fellow authors, such as yourself, who have become part of my tribe. I like to think that we encourage and cheer each other on as we all travel that uncertain path known as being an author. 

PB: What motivates you to keep writing?

AS: It’s not really a motivation as much as it is my talent. I believe that every human being has a God given talent of some kind. For some, their talent is large and obvious like woodcarving, writing music, painting, or sculpting. But sometimes we overlook the quiet and subtle talents some people possess like kindness, patience, or being able to connect with individuals like children or the elderly.

I write because it is what I was meant to write. I write because I am unable not to write. Stories pop into my head at the most unusual times and they are ideas that seem to linger until I put pen to paper.

PB: When you aren’t writing, what do you like to do?

AS: That’s another good question Miss Pat. It would probably be shorter to tell you what I don’t like to do, since I love so many things, but I will give it an effort. I am an amateur photographer. I have taken senior pictures for friends and co-workers who had limited finances. I have taken engagement pictures, wedding pictures, and pictures of my family. The wedding pictures are not something I ever want to do again, since I had a bridezilla client, but that’s a story for another day. I also love to take pictures of my travels and food that I cook. Which brings me to one of my other passions which is cooking and baking. 

During the summer months, I can often be found at my local farmer’s market hawking tarts, homemade granola, and quick breads as well as my book. You might also find Barbie quilts on my table as well, since I also like to sew. This past winter I made American girl doll clothes for my niece and my daughter. From time to time, I am even known to make a baby quilt for an expecting acquaintance.

I love to craft, I love to bird watch, I love to attend auctions, I love to collect antique glassware, I love to pic-nic, I love to read and review children’s books, I love to put puzzles together, I love to travel, I love to flower garden, and I love to geocache with my family. For those who might not be familiar with geocaching, it’s basically a very big outdoor scavenger hunt. Using latitude and longitude coordinates, you find a cache that has been hidden. Sometimes they are even big enough to hold fun swag for trading.

PB:  What is one thing that makes you totally unique?

AS: Wow, now we get to the really tough question. What one thing makes me unique? Well, the only thing I can really think to answer is everything about me makes me unique. No other person looks, acts, or thinks exactly like me. When you think about it, although people might have similar hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes, or even looks, no two people are the same, not even identical twins. 

PB: What can you share about yourself that might surprise my readers?

AS: In my younger years, I visited Hawaii three times, once upon a time I used to re-finish antique furniture, and I like to eat peanut butter on almost everything including cheddar cheese.

Author Bio:
Aileen Stewart is the award winning author of the children’s books Fern Valley- A Collection of Short Stories and the soon to be released Return to Fern Valley, a public speaker, amateur photographer, and a blogger. In addition, she hosts writing workshops for children. She resides in lovely Shelby, Ohio with her beautiful daughter, wonderful husband, and their crazy cats Max, Daisy, and Fluffy. Her motto is “Kids Who Read Can Do Anything” which was inspired by her late father, the man who instilled in her a love for the written word. You can find out more about her at

Aileen, thank you for stopping by today. I know my readers have enjoyed getting to know you and I've enjoyed getting to know you better. 

Keep on keeping on with your writing and the multitude of other things you enjoy doing.

Friends, it's time to wrap this session up. Enjoy your God-given day. Remember that every day is a gift from Him.

 Check out this link for Aileen and the fun things she does:

Until next time,


New week, new beginning

Dear Friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful, safe weekend. I've been very busy and that's a good thing. I remember being seriously ill and not feeling like lifting a finger to do anything. God has blessed me so much and now I'm like the Energizer Bunny, thanking Him every step of the way.

In the coming weeks and months, I have some incredible guests lined up to feature on my blog. I certainly hope you'll stop by faithfully and read about some folks that you may never have heard of before. I promise you it will be interesting and you will enjoy what they have to say.

Let me give you a small glimpse of what's ahead:

Shannon Knight: Southern Gospel recording artist and a nominee for the NEW SOLO ARTIST of the YEAR with Singing News Magazine.

Aileen Stewart: Children's author from Ohio.

Jason Brannon: Author of about 10 books, most recently THE MAZE, a Christian fiction book that will leave you spellbound, runner-up for the Bram Stoker Award, author of more than 100 magazine articles, former editor for an online magazine and the list goes on.

Ann Downing: Southern Gospel recording artist, songwriter and author.

Christi Pack Johnston: Author of Love Language, a book about her youngest daughter Hannah, that you won't want to miss. 

Jeff Steele: Pastor, songwriter and a member of the chart-topping gospel recording group THE STEELES.

Chris Rumble: Singer, musician, children's book author, artist and the man that is often referred to as The Guitar Man.

Rodney Griffin: Southern Gospel recording artist, songwriter extraordinaire and a member of the ever-popular group GREATER VISION.

Shawn Brannon: CEO and a person trainer at B Train Fitness. 

Emerald Barnes: Mystery writer that loves to put a good twist in her books.

Carol Dabney: Recording artist and children's book author.

These are just a few of the guests I will feature in upcoming weeks on my blog. They are all very interesting and I know you will enjoy each one. I will add other guests as time goes along. You can count on a wide variety of guests to read about.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Until next time,


Saturday, March 15, 2014

My mother, Mary Ellen Baker, speaks today

Dear Friends,

Today I'll be posting something a tad different than normal. If anybody should know you, it should be your mama. So, today my mother, Mary Ellen Baker, is giving her thoughts about some of my books she's read and other things I do. Just to clarify, I didn't tell her what to write. These are her own personal thoughts.

"Pat Brannon writes books that are interesting and educational with morals built in. When I read her first book, Walk Softly (You're Steppin' On My Heart!), I cried when I read the poem "Aching Hearts, Empty Chair." It was about my mother, her grandmother. 

Filthy Farley O'Charlie McBarley is so needed in this world. This book is about bullying. Pat does a full monologue in character at schools to show both children and adults how wrong they can be to prejudge others. Her presentation is appropriate for churches and other events.

All of her books are wonderful in my opinion and so needed in today's world.

If you have not read any of my books yet, you can buy them on Amazon or purchase signed copies from me for a total of $12.00 each. You can go back to the top of my Home page and check out each title and my new books that are coming out soon. 

Feel free to leave comment below. I hope you are all having a great weekend!

Until next time,


Friday, March 14, 2014

Thoughts and comments by Martha Lynn Smith Tubb

Dear Friends,

As you can tell, I might possibly blog more than once a day. Such is the case now. A longtime, encouraging, faithful buyer and reader of my books, Martha Lynn Smith Tubb, a retired educator of Language Arts from Columbus, GA, has shared her thoughts on a few of my books. I hope you'll take a minute and get her perspective on my writing. 

The poetry in Pat Brannon's book is so "real" and "every day" that anyone who reads it feels as though it is about some one they know or even, perhaps, themselves. Each of the poems is a blessing to the reader and remind us that we can survive life's journey. We are reminded by Pat that we are not alone even at our lowest emotional point. Very uplifting.
Once again, Pat Brannon uses humor entwined with what possibly has been considered by some "unique" thinking by some youngsters. The resolution is delightful.
Jason’s s story is one that we all will remember---would make for a wonderful Christmas musical.
These stories will remind you of family members about whom you have heard or met and bring smiles, giggles, and sweet memories to you. We don't seem to be able to put it on paper like Pat does. Delightful reading!!!
Filthy Farley O'Charlie McBarley is a delightful book which certainly captures the minds and hearts of typical elementary / middle school students. Throughout the book a theme of empathy and perspective  is woven to "bring home" the idea of "walking in another's shoes" and having compassion.

We are reminded by Farley that each of us is important and can be helpful and valuable to others, no matter what our circumstances. This could easily open discussion for character education in the classroom.

 Martha Lynn S. Tubb
Many thanks to Martha for taking the time to put her thoughts down and to send them to me. If you have not read these books or any of my books, Martha's comments should give you a good idea of the kind of material I write. 

Until the next time,


Special book sale

Dear Friends,

Today and tomorrow you can purchase any of my books for the low price of $7.00 each. That includes tax and shipping. I'm confident you'll get a kick out of my children's rhyming picture books and I think you'll love my humorous book, Mud Puddles and Muscadines, about my childhood escapades growing up in rural Arkansas on an ol' dirt road. If you want a book that will touch your heart to the very core, Walk Softly (You're Steppin' On My Heart!) is the one for you. This book of 100 Christian poems also makes a great gift. Men, women, boys and girls all read it. Ages 9-93 have read it and men have cried while reading it. That thrills me to hear that. It means it's touching their heartstrings. For sure you will need a box of tissues or a handkerchief to get through this book, but it's well worth it. My children's books would be great to include in Easter baskets.

Don't let this great sale pass you by. This offer ends tomorrow night at midnight. Let the orders roll in.

Until next time,


Patricia Neely-Dorsey

Dear Friends,

I hope you got a good night's rest and are ready to battle today. In the coming weeks I will be featuring guests from different walks of life on my new blog. Today I'm happy to introduce my first guest to you. Her name is Patricia Neely-Dorsey. Patricia is a Mississippi author of two books and she promotes Mississippi better and more often than anyone else I know of. I want to give you an opportunity to get to know her better, so I have interviewed her and asked her a variety of questions. Sit back and get to know my friend Patricia Neely-Dorsey.

PB: What first triggered your interest  in writing? 

PND:On Valentine's Day 2007, I woke up out of my sleep with a poem swirling around in my head.  I got up and quickly scribbled it down. After that, poems just started to flow and flow.
PB: How old were you at the time? 
PND: 43. I think that how my entry into writing was very unusual, because most people who write, as a craft, start at a much earlier age.
PB: In what genre do you write? 
PND: Poetry
PB: What is the first thing that you wrote?
PND: I wrote my very first poem February 14, 2007-  The name of the poem was "Our Place. "
PB: How many hours per week do you devote to your craft?
PND: I really don't count the hours, but it is a big part of my life. I devote large chunks of time daily on some aspects of writing and/or promoting.
PB: What are your greatest aspirations as a writer?
PNB: There are so many negative connotations associated with Mississippi and the South in general. I would like to see my books used on a large scale to help change some of the overwhelmingly negative connotations about our state and region. I would love to have my books widely used in the curriculum of Mississippi schools in classroom studies on poetry, creative writing, cultural history, Mississippi writers.and/or women writers etc. I would also love to be recognized by the governor as an official Goodwill Ambassador of our state for my platform of "Always, Always Celebrating the South and Promoting a Positive Mississippi" through my poems.
PB: What person has influenced you the most with your writing?  
PND: I love the style, messages and flow of Maya Angelou's work.
PB: What one person has been your biggest encouragement as you pursue your goals?
PND. My family, overall, has been very encouraging and supportive. That includes my father, mother, brother, husband and son. I would not want to leave any one of those out of the equation.

PB:  What motivates you to keep writing? 

PND: The positive feedback that I have received from readers (from all over the globe) has been phenomenal. It spurs me on, to keep doing what I do.
PB: When you aren’t writing, what do you like to do?
PND: Other than spending time with family and friends, one of the things that I love to do most is READ, Read, Read !!!

PB: Do you do public appearances?
PND: Yes

PB: If so, are you available to travel for events/engagements?

PND: I travel all over the state and region speaking at libraries, schools, colleges, churches, nursing home facilities and meetings of civic organizations. My message always entails spreading the message of a positive southern experience and a positive Mississippi.

PB: Do you have a website for my readers to check out?
PB: What is one thing that makes you totally unique?
PND: I think that just being ME makes me absolutely unique. I think that is the same for each individual. There is not, has never been and will never be another individual on the earth who is exactly like any one of us. There will never be another one who has the exact same outlook, vision, life experiences. I always encourage others to "Be You ! Do You ! SHINE! " I have a very unique passion inside of me for wanting to spread the positives about my home state and region and for encouraging others to look for the positives in life, in general. I have been doing it since I was a teenager.
PB: What can you share about yourself that might surprise my readers?
PND: I almost never just sit down to intentionally write a poem. The inspiration will strike and I will write the poem. It usually takes only a few minutes to write it all down because the poems will come to me, fully complete...title and all.
Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia-A Life in Poems
" a celebration of the south and things southern"
"Meet Mississippi Through Poetry, Prose and The Written Word"
I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Patricia Neely-Dorsey. If you already know her, I hope you learned things about her that you didn't know before. 
Please spread the word about my new blog with your family and friends. I will feature many interesting guests on here from time to time. I promise they will be worth your time to stop for a minute and read about them. 

Check out Patricia here too. You never know what jewels you might read about.   

Until next time,


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jason Brannon

Dear Friends,

Welcome back to my website or as I often call it: Jelly Bean Central. Oh, my goodness. There is a heavy frost outside this morning. What happened to those 70 degree days I enjoyed so much? I know it's usually cold until after Easter, so I guess I need to buckle down and get ready for the rest of this season and hope we don't go straight into blazing heat. I'd like to have some comfortable temperatures in between. But, I realize I'm not in charge. So, I'll take things as they come.

Today I want to tell you about some things you can expect on my blogs. I've sent invitations to several ladies and men inviting them to be a featured guest on my blog. Everyone has accepted. That thrills me. I plan on posting a variety of things on here. You'll just have to check back regularly to find out what they are. No hints just yet.

Today I want to spotlight my favorite author, my son Jason Brannon. Jason is a longtime writer of 20 years and has many books out. His newest book is THE MAZE. It is a Christian fiction book that you truly won't want to put down once you begin reading it. You don't have to take my word for it. Others have told me they felt the same way when reading it. OMGoodness, you never know what the next page will hold. If you want a good, affordable book to read, go straight to Amazon and order this book. THE MAZE has nearly 100 Amazon reviews, most of which are 5 stars. That is incredibly hard to do, folks. You can get this book in print, audio and as an e-book. After you've read it, I hope you'll let me know your thoughts about it. Great reading for sure.

If you have any particular subject matter that you'd like me to address in my blog, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I won't think of everything, so I'm interested in hearing what you have to say. 

I hope you all have a great day. Come back soon for updates.

Until next time,


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Reaching far and wide

Dear Friends,

I want to reach out to parents, teachers, and librarians right now and anyone else that has an interest in good, clean reading material for children and adults. Let me put it this way. When my name is going on a book, you can be SURE there are no bad words in any of my books. As a longtime Christian, I do my best to live a clean life and I wouldn't want to disappoint my Lord for anything intentionally. Therefore, you have a choice of fun, entertaining and educational reading material as you check out my books.

I am confident that children's books should be a ton of fun and that it's perfectly acceptable for them to learn an important life lesson while they're laughing their head off while reading one of my wacky, warped, crazy books. I purposely write my books to make a positive difference in my readers' lives. Still, I think I can manage to do that and them have fun at the same time. I don't write preachy books, just fun ones.

Inspiration plays a major role in my writing. I can't just sit down and write a book of any kind. I don't write the suggested 1,000 words a day like so many literary professionals say to do. I write when the Lord inspires me to do so. He may give me an idea and then put a funny, strange twist on it. Such is the case with Show and Smell. I was laying on my Mama's couch watching TV with her, NOT planning to write another book at that point. I already had one in the works and about 20 more that have not been published yet. But, the Lord had other plans. He planted the idea of Show and Tell in my head. I promise you I was NOT thinking of more books at that point. Ideas started forming and then changing. Before I knew it I had the basic idea to move forward with Show and Smell.

Well, I got busy and Show and Smell became a reality. I'm mighty proud of this book. I like to expand and change each book that comes out and do something to set it apart from the others. I always want things to be fresh and different for my readers.

You may have noticed that I normally have weird titles and bold colors. Those are two things I'm a real stickler about and things I'm getting a reputation for. It's okay with me. I love what I do just in case you hadn't noticed that by now.

Believe it or not, I never set out to write a gazillion books about animals, but somewhere along the way that is exactly what has happened. Hey, it's working. I feel there's no need to change something that's working so well.

Well, that's where I stand right now. Check out the new books that will be coming out in the next few weeks. If you don't have my other books, I'd love to send some your way. ALL books are $12.00 each. That includes tax and shipping. And, they make great gifts for a multitude of occasions.

I plan to do a variety of things with my blog. There will be days that I blog more than once, maybe many times. I hope you'll check back faithfully and see what I'm up to.I don't want you missing a thing.

Until next time,


First official blog on this website

Dear Friends,

This is my first time to blog on my NEW website. It's Pat Brannon's Official Website, or as I like to call it sometimes-Jelly Bean Central. I LOVE the colorful jellybeans on my Home page.

When I started getting my feet wet with getting books published, it was all new territory to me. That was in 2002. My how things have changed a lot since then! However, there is one thing that remains the same-my love for the Lord. It has gotten even stronger than it was back then. I could have started out with children's books, but I didn't for a specific reason. I chose to get my Christian poetry book published first. This may not make sense to anyone but me, so I will explain. I wanted folks to read my poems and get a good sense from them of the kind of person I am and the kind of person I strive to be. I bared my heart in those poems. 99% of that book is about me, but a fraction is not. If you know me personally, you'll know the ones that aren't about me. If you'll notice, I didn't mention many names in the book. If I had done that, that would have limited my audience. I wanted Walk Softly (You're Steppin' On My Heart!) to be an encouragement to everyone that reads it, regardless what you're going through.

Since I'm on the subject of Walk Softly, I want to share a poem with you from the book.

                                                                 WIDOW'S MITE

Positioned on the third pew by the organ,
You'd find her singing to her precious Lord.
Everyday she did her best to serve Him,
Tackling daily battles with her "sword."

Though never one to have a lot of riches,
She steadily gave back to God above.
She gave what he require of His children,
Those He'd showered with His constant love.

As years progressed and sickness overtook her,
She never wavered in her quest to give.
Devoted to her Master, Lord and Savior,
The widow gave her mite to One who lives.

By standards of this world, she died a pauper,
But she was richer than most folks I know.
The Savior of this world lived deep within her;
Upon observing her, you'd find it so.

The widow didn't have much, yet her giving
Continued 'til the very day she died.
She was a walking testament to many
Of her Savior's love securely tucked inside.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my poem and I hope you'll make it a point to return regularly to check out my website and see what's new. Feel free to share my website with others that you think it might interest.

Until the next time,