Filthy Farley O'Charlie McBarley

How would you like it if you were bullied and belittled daily by your fellow third grade classmates because of the way you look and smell? I'm guessing you wouldn't like it. Well, neither does Farley O'Charlie McBarley. Studying hard, making good grades and being an honest person isn't enough in the eyes of Farley's classmates. Most of the kids in Farley's class spend so much time making fun of his unkempt appearance and playing awful tricks on him that they don't get to know the real Farley. Little do they know, Farley is much more than just another dirty little boy. He's kind, big-hearted, and the sort of friend anyone would be lucky to have. Sound like the kind of boy you'd like to meet? Great. Just take a deep breath, hold your nose, and join Farley's classmates as they learn what kind of boy Farley really is.

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