Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Hello Everybody,

I hope you all had a great Christmas and that you're back to normal, whatever normal is for you. My family had a super Christmas, but I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see. Sickness swept in and eliminated some of our visiting.

Now that Christmas is over, our next big day is Valentine's Day. That's a whopper of a big day in my family. That's my 40th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? Vividly I still remember a man telling me he'd give our marriage 6 months. I only knew who he was because he worked at the men's retail store beside Ben Franklin where I worked at the time. He passed away a long time ago, but I still remember his words like it was yesterday. Boy, was he ever wrong!

If you haven't thought about it, it's time to start thinking of the perfect gift to give your honey on Valentine's Day. My first book-WALK SOFTLY (YOU'RE STEPPIN' ON MY HEART!)-is perfect to give as a gift to your sweetheart. An award-winning book containing an award-winning poem. You can't miss. When men and women both tell me they cried when they read it, then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. It was written to touch the core of the heart, to show what a BIG God we serve, how He can handle any situation and it's packed with encouragement. You can purchase that affordable book at any of the retail stores in my book network that are selling it and you can purchase it from AMAZON.

My new children's book, TRIPP'S RIDICULOUS ROAD TRIP, will be released in the next few months. This is a fun book. Just wait until you see the front cover. You'll know what I mean.

I am currently talking to several stores in various states about becoming part of my retail book network. Stay tuned to Facebook. That's where I make my announcements. There just might be a store near you about to sell my books. If there's not a store in your area, you can always purchase my books, so don't get discouraged.

I'm already booking speaking engagements and signings for 2015. If you want to talk to me about doing something in your area, I'm easy to contact. Yesterday I added two new events for March. I hope you'll check them out on my website under EVENTS. And, check out my books while you're there.

Did you know that Violet's Not-So-Velvet Voice was endorsed by the men (Cary Solomon & Chuck Konzelman of Believe Entertainment) who wrote the script for the blockbuster Christian film GOD'S NOT DEAD? What an honor that was! I'm still giddy over that endorsement and will probably never get over it. I'm sure I'll be relishing that moment for the rest of my life.

Well, I have much work to do today and you probably do too. Have a great day!

Until the next time,


Friday, January 2, 2015


 January 2, 2015

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year, everyone! What a great day the Lord has given us! Let's make sure we don't waste this precious gift we call time. 

I had an awesome 2014 and I hope you did too. I received great medical reports from my doctors and that alone makes me giddy inside and very thankful to the GOOD LORD for taking such good care of me.

I sold a whoppin' amount of books to friends and strangers last year and I loved every minute of it. Last year I delved into the retail business in a different way. I started contacting retail stores to sell my books and it has proven to be a huge success. I just added two new stores last week: SHOE CHOO TRAIN in Conway, AR and PICKENS' FLOWERS & GIFTS in Star City, AR. I'm excited about working with the owners and staff at these fine stores. It's a great possibility if you live in these areas that you'll have the opportunity sometime this year to come see me at a book signing. I hope you will. If there are no stores in your area selling my books, let's see if we can work together and change that.

Last year I renewed my distributorship with the Juice Plus company and I'm off and running. I love sharing with folks how to get healthy. It's a passion I have to see folks feel better and know they are getting the nutrients their body needs to stay healthy. 

Book-wise this year is already showing great promise. I have a new children's book that will come out in a few months and I have a surprise to announce later that I'm excited about. You don't want to miss it.  

Nearly 40 years ago I decided to teach myself to crochet. I can do some of the basic stitches, but I'm not great by any means. So, this year I want to get great. I have some mentors near me that I plan to contact to help me get better. I'm stretching my wings and trying to learn something new this year.

I had hoped to hear at least one of my songs on the radio last year, but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe this year will be the year for that to happen. When it does, rest assured you WILL know. I'll make sure of that. 

I'm still trying to put my house back together after Christmas. That will come in time. I love the holidays, but I also love getting back to normal. Back to normal for me means loving and taking care of my family and friends, doing book-related things, sharing good health with others and mainly sharing the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST with everyone I can. To those of you who don't know, I am a miracle 5 times. That's something I stay excited about. The Lord continues to keep me on this earth for a reason. I'm ready and willing to do whatever He wants me to do. I love this quote: "If you have a pulse, you have a purpose." Yes, that sums me up nicely. 

Well, friends I need to get up and get moving. I enjoy my time with you. Please feel free to send me a comment or a question anytime you like.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your year! 

Until next time,


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Great Day

Dear Friends,

As you've already noticed, I don't blog very regularly. I suppose I could write more often, but I usually wait until I have some great news to share before I take up your time.

I do have a LOT of good news to share with you today. First of all, many of you may know that I have fought two bouts of cancer and I'm coming up on my third anniversary since my stem cell transplant at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. On October 2nd I had my 6 month check-up at Mayo. My tests results were excellent and my doctor gave me an A+. The way I see it you just can't get any better than that. I know that God watched over me the entire time I was sick. I give Him all the praise and glory for me being so healthy today and CANCER FREE!

Next I want to encourage you to keep a regular check on my website at www.patbrannon.com. I am adding new book signings this morning. There are other speaking engagements and signings that are forthcoming, but they aren't on my website yet. A few details still must be worked out. When they are, I'll be sure and post them. If I'm coming to your area, I hope you'll come out and see me and pick up a book or two.

If you don't follow me on Facebook, I hope you'll start doing that at www.facebook.com/pbrannon1.  I post all kinds of things on there, all wholesome and family friendly.

Well, I must work on some other business matters now. I hope you all have an excellent day.

Until the next time,


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Awesome Upcoming Events

Hello Dear Friends,

It's been a few days since I have blogged, so I thought tonight might be a good time to share some news and thoughts with you.

Well, I have a new children's book coming out before Christmas. The title is My Misguided Wish List. My illustrator has already called it a tear-jerker, and it is, but there's some fun in it too. You know me. I always include some kind of important life lesson in each book I write. I think I'm getting a reputation for that. I think that's important. I'm a firm believe it having fun while you're learning. I'm also developing a reputation for writing fun, wacky, warped books with highly visual art that children love. This is kind of a title I have put on myself, but I write children's books for all ages. Does that sound crazy to you? Maybe, but it's true. Many older folks purchase my children's books and not always to give away. Sometimes they just buy them for themselves, . At least that's what they tell me.

I want to tell you that if you live within an hour's drive of me in Amory, MS and you operate/own a daycare or preschool, you might want to contact me. I have a fabulous offer for you that you'll find hard to turn down. Would it mean anything if I told you that you that can invite me in for an author visit and save HUNDREDS of dollars right now? That should get somebody's attention and it's all TRUE. So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose by sending me a FB message, text or e-mail. Let's chat.

This coming Saturday, Shawn Brannon, personal trainer and the CEO of B Train Fitness, is hosting a GINORMOUS event. It's called the BACK 2 SCHOOL BASH for KIDS and I promise you don't want to miss it. I know it says it's for kids. But, it's for little kids, big kids, young kids, older kids and kids in-between. You're bound to fit into one of those categories. 

There will be some over-the-top fun activities, SPECIAL guests, a book signing, drawings for prizes and a whole lot more. You know you don't want to miss this slap-dab good time with us.

Meet us at B Train in Amory, MS Saturday, August 16th. From 9:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. we'll have the best time we've had in a long time. Did I mention the photo booth and boy, oh, boy, the Stache Dash will be something else. Seems Shawn has thought of just about everything. Come spend the entire two hours with us and soak up everything that will be offered that day. 

Be sure and stop by my book table. I want to meet you and sign a book for you. Special discount prices will apply for this special event. Educators, I have a special brochure for you. If you teach in any school system, let me know you teach. I want to connect with you.

Well, I have showered you with information tonight. I hope you have a great night's sleep and wake up refreshed to start a brand new day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Until next time,


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mission Opportunities

Dear Friends, 

I hope today finds you happy and healthy. I want to share something pretty unique and wonderful  with you today.

Six years ago my church started a yearly project that was labeled FAITH WORKS.  This 2 1/2 day project each year is all about going out into the town and community and helping others. Sadly, most of those years I have not been able to participate like many others. However, many from our church and other willing participants do much good for many families during this season of our church. As my pastor was talking Sunday night about the many good things the Lord had led our church family to do, this poem from my poetry book-Walk Softly (You're Steppin' On My Heart!), popped into my mind. I'd love to share it with you now. It seems appropriate to me for the situation. 

                                   AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

You see a ragged person on the corner,
Someone who clearly needs a helping hand,
Clothed in tattered shirt and jeans with patches, 
Do you pass on by or do all that you can?

Matted hair that cries for some attention,
Aerated shoes that shouldn't be,
Eyes that yearn for someone just to notice,
And offer their assistance willingly. 

Lips that look like food has been a stranger,
A heart that needs to feel that someone cares,
Ears that ache to hear somebody loves them,
A helping hand today is far too rare.

The "Good Book" says that Jesus is our Pattern,
Willing vessels are too scarce; it's true.
The question that forever keeps me mindful is
"In times like these, what would Jesus do?"

Jesus would encourage with His kind words;
The love within His heart He'd scatter 'round.
A weary mind, uncertain of tomorrow,
Downtrodden spirits, He'd pick off the ground.

He'd say,"Every child's a child of mine, so feed him,
Replace the clothes that time has worn away,
Provide the needed clothing for his cleansing,
Don't put off later what he needs today."

Meeting every need would be His mission;
When least expected, we're put to the test. 
If Jesus can do all these things and wants to,
Then who are we to do less than our best?
I hope you enjoy my poem and that the Lord uses it to encourage you to step out and do for others too. 

Until the next time,


Friday, July 25, 2014

July 25, 2014

Dear Friends,

Good morning to all of you. I hope you are starting your day off with a bang. We have a beautiful day here in my part of MS. I'm thankful for that and so much more.

There's no time to waste, so I'll get right to the point. I have some exciting news to share with you. Two of my children's books just received some RAVE reviews from Arnold Tullos of Star City, AR. I hope you'll take a minute and read the reviews Arnold has given FILTHY FARLEY O'CHARLIE McBARLEY & HAS A DONKEY EVERY BROUGHT YOU BREAKFAST IN BED?. After you read the reviews, you may decide you want to purchase these books.

Most retail stores sell these books for $12.00 plus tax. If there is a store near you that sells my books, please patronize them. If not, you can always order directly from me or from Amazon. 

I want to mention that Arnold has one grown son and no grandchildren and yet he still loved my children's books. That alone should be enough to make you want to purchase these books too. 

Well, I must go mail the order I received late last night for my entire book collection and go pick up a check from a doctors' office that purchased my entire set for their waiting room. God is good to me. He just keeps on blessing. 

Until the next time,


Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Poem Just for You

Dear Friends,

Even though Mother's Day isn't until Sunday, I wanted to go ahead and post this poem for you. You can find it along with 99 other poems in my Christian poetry book Walk Softly (You're Steppin' On My Heart!). I hope you enjoy it.

Tomorrow is the day we honor mothers;
Some will be quite happy; others sad.
Some will thank the Lord for their living mother;
Others will say "Thanks" for the one they had.

Red reminds us Mother is still living;
White, of days gone by and Mother gone.
Some God's spared to live a little longer,
And some He's loved and called to "Come on home."

Some will drive for miles to be with Mother;
Others will not see their mother dear.
Earthly mothers need to be remembered;
The same with mothers not with us this year.

Mother is a name for love and goodness,
For optimism, kind words and good deeds,
For washing clothes and rearing little children,
For cooking meals and patching skinned-up knees.

For seeing that we turn out like we ought to,
For seeing that we say our prayers at night,
For laughing at our jokes when they aren't funny,
And making everything that's wrong all right.

Believing in us when nobody else does,
For standing tall behind us ever time,
For picking us right up each time we falter,
For making sure we don't get out of line. 

We pause now and we bow to God, our Father,
And thank Him 'cause He sent them here to us.
No one ever sacrificed for us like Mother
Except the Lord above with all His love.

The Lord loved us so much he sent us mothers;
That's more than we deserve; it's surely clear.
When morning comes and her day is beginning,
We'll honor mothers rightfully this year.

It's more than just a day; it's so important;
She needs to know we've loved her from the start.
And that we'll never change, our love's forever,
And we mean it from the bottom of our hearts.  
I hope you enjoyed my poem and I hope you'll enjoy Mother's Day again this year.

Until next time,