Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mission Opportunities

Dear Friends, 

I hope today finds you happy and healthy. I want to share something pretty unique and wonderful  with you today.

Six years ago my church started a yearly project that was labeled FAITH WORKS.  This 2 1/2 day project each year is all about going out into the town and community and helping others. Sadly, most of those years I have not been able to participate like many others. However, many from our church and other willing participants do much good for many families during this season of our church. As my pastor was talking Sunday night about the many good things the Lord had led our church family to do, this poem from my poetry book-Walk Softly (You're Steppin' On My Heart!), popped into my mind. I'd love to share it with you now. It seems appropriate to me for the situation. 

                                   AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

You see a ragged person on the corner,
Someone who clearly needs a helping hand,
Clothed in tattered shirt and jeans with patches, 
Do you pass on by or do all that you can?

Matted hair that cries for some attention,
Aerated shoes that shouldn't be,
Eyes that yearn for someone just to notice,
And offer their assistance willingly. 

Lips that look like food has been a stranger,
A heart that needs to feel that someone cares,
Ears that ache to hear somebody loves them,
A helping hand today is far too rare.

The "Good Book" says that Jesus is our Pattern,
Willing vessels are too scarce; it's true.
The question that forever keeps me mindful is
"In times like these, what would Jesus do?"

Jesus would encourage with His kind words;
The love within His heart He'd scatter 'round.
A weary mind, uncertain of tomorrow,
Downtrodden spirits, He'd pick off the ground.

He'd say,"Every child's a child of mine, so feed him,
Replace the clothes that time has worn away,
Provide the needed clothing for his cleansing,
Don't put off later what he needs today."

Meeting every need would be His mission;
When least expected, we're put to the test. 
If Jesus can do all these things and wants to,
Then who are we to do less than our best?
I hope you enjoy my poem and that the Lord uses it to encourage you to step out and do for others too. 

Until the next time,


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