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The INCREDIBLE Kathy Crabb Hannah

Dear Friends,

Today I have a special treat for all of you. I want you to meet a wonderful lady-Kathy Crabb Hannah. Welcome to my part of the world, Kathy. Let's chat a while and allow my readers to get to know you. 

PB: Kathy, I want to tell my faithful readers that you and I have never met in person, but we have been Facebook friends for a while and I feel like I know you from your Facebook posts. I can tell that you are a very intelligent lady with vast knowledge. Having said that, still there are many things I’d love to know about you myself and would like to share with my readers. So, let’s get on with the show. 

PB: Kathy, where is your hometown? Do you still live there?  

KCH: I was born in Centertown, KY, moved to Elizabethtown, KY when I was 2, and returned to Ohio County, KY (the same county I was born in) when I was 13 following the sudden death of my dad. I have claimed Beaver Dam, KY as home for many years. This is all "Ohio County" and the towns are small and truly one overlaps the next. An Ohio Countian is all I usually have to say. Most of us from that area are related by blood or marriage. :) I now live in Hendersonville, TN. We (being myself, Gerald, and all 6 kids and all of the grandchildren) moved in 2003. TN is truly my home, but my KY roots are deep and blue. Blue as in Big Blue Nation: A.K.A Wildcats Basketball!!! I am a true blue fan!! 

PB: Tell us about your family-parents, siblings, spouse, children and etc., whatever you want to share. 

KCH: My mom was in her thirties when I was born, my dad was nearly forty. They were quiet people that may even be characterized as different. We certainly lived a life that was different than most of my school friends. My siblings were much older and I was most likely an oops baby, even though my mother denied that all the way to the grave!! :) Nonetheless, my sisters were 10 and 14 years older, and my brother was closest to my age at 8 years older. I grew up as an only child for the most part. And truly, I had good parents, but I had an unhappy and unusual childhood. The story is long, and too much to explain unless this is going to be a book. :) 

I am married to Steve Hannah. Soon after our move to TN I was faced with a surprise divorce. That is a subject that I will leave alone. But let's just say that I spent a year crying, lost 50 lbs. in 4 months, and wasn't sure I would ever smile again because I was unhappy….I knew how to "fake" smile, don't we all? But I remember wondering would I ever volunteer that laughter and grin when I am alone, just thinking or reading, will it ever be voluntary? The good news: It happened. Steve is everything I could have hoped for. He is possibly going to be nominated for saint hood. LOL He married me and signed up for the "BIG" package of ALL of these kids, grandkids, and the daily multi-tasking that my life entails. Again, this would take a chapter to explain. It's truly a complicated, but beautiful life! 

PB: There’s no doubt that you are an educated person. Can you give us a glimpse into your educational background?  

KCH: My dad died suddenly when I was 13. My life quickly spiraled downward. He was our rock. He died of a heart attack and we weren't mentally or emotionally prepared. Financially, we were fine, but the toll this loss took on my life will never be corrected. I found myself living on my own for the most part after his death. My mother had what most consider a "nervous breakdown" and made some irrational choices that left me a bit alone. I spent some time with my Aunt Net, but most of my existence for the next 4 years would be "here and there, and everywhere!" I went to high school for 2 months. That's it!! At 15 years old I took my G.E.D and passed, but didn't get my diploma until my class graduated. That was the rule in those days. I went to work when I was 16, and have been working ever since, with the exception of a year or two when Krystal was a baby. I went to college when I was 25 to study accounting….problem was I already had children and needed to work and go to school. I did it for the better part of 3 years, but ended up needing more hours and had to make a choice. Today as I look through the "rear view mirror" at this situation, I know that I did the right thing. I HATE accounting. I was a lover of math, but accounting is NOT my thing. I like math and people…..not accounting. There is a HUGE difference!! I hadn't figured that out at 25. LOLOL I have never felt uneducated, although some would differ with me on this. My dad was a highly intelligent man and my mom was a Bible reading, Jesus believing radically saved Christian. I feel that I am certainly their by-product!! I was educated in the school of hard knocks, travel,  and also the school of reading. I read constantly. I have traveled extensively. I read the news every morning before I get out of bed. How awesome is it that we don't even need a newspaper, we can use our phones. I am a current events person, and also love the learning of a hands on experience. I tell the kids, if you can dream it, you are willing to work hard enough, you can have it!! Period! Some would call me persistent, actually most would call me persistent, but in the last few years I have mellowed. I pick my battles and live a bit more in the "happy" zone. Is it worth? Will it make someone's life better? I try to make sure a battle meets this criteria. 

PB: What do you do for a living? 

KCH: I have been a realtor in the Nashville area since October 2007. I got my real estate license on a whim! My husband has been a realtor for 28 years and I had retired the Crabb Family (which had been my life's accomplishment) after working 24/7 to create a brand from an unknown group of kids from KY. I had worked as owner, manager, day to day decision maker, and in the early years when they still lived at home, domestic goddess of a house full of kids. For instance, in 1996 we were living in Beaver Dam, KY in a 1700 square foot house. All 6 kids were living with us, and Krystal was back home after a divorce, AND she had a 2 year old (Edie)… we have 8 adults and one child in 1700 feet. Yep!! But guess what? We had goals, passion, work ethic, and we were ALL happy. Happiness in ANY job comes with goals.  

My current real estate endeavor has been hugely blessed. I got my license at the beginning of the housing meltdown and I learned in the toughest of times. My first year was good, next was better, and so on and so on. The FAVOR of God is there for us if we take the steps to gain it. I am truly a believer in that. We do our part, He does His!! And yes, I love my job. As far as careers, my first love was music, my second is houses….I did music for 15, plan to be in real estate for 15. Then who knows? I will be 66 by then. Maybe I will run for President!! LOLOL I am just kidding. I truly think I may write a book, or two……or three. :) 

PB: What do you like to do to unwind after a hard day’s work? 

KCH: Work some more. :) 

PB: Do you have any hobbies? We have a boat. I love the water…but I tend to work wherever I am. EVEN on the boat. We had to buy a cruiser with a quiet living space underneath with a/c, and all of the comforts of home so that I could conduct ALL of my business as needed. I am built that way. And, I truly believe that 58 year olds don't change. This comment will spark arguments over dinner, but that's just my opinion. We may find Jesus, but we don't leave an altar smarter, or thinner, or less opinionated, or more athletic. Change in old people is rare. I am a workaholic. I will probably always be. I find a way to integrate work into pleasure. That's why I was successful in the music business….and truly this has been my "friend" in real estate as well. I am a hands on, micromanager at times, otherwise known as a control freak. LOL 

But let me say this. MY grandchildren? Priority 1. Their parents raise them, but I am the undergirding if ever needed. I kept Kelly's 3 girls and took care of Mike and Kelly for months after the bus wreck. When they went back on the road I kept the children at home for a year to keep them OFF the bus. If my kids need me, MY world shuts down. THEY are my priority. ALL 6 or them and their families!! PERIOD!. And the coolest thing is, they know that. I am the 3 AM call they make, and that's how I want it to be. MY job is to make these kids know that I love THEM for what they are, not WHO they are.  So, I guess my hobbies are my kids. Does that count? 

PB: Do you play any instruments? I played piano for the kids for 10 years. When I could afford I hired a REAL musician to take my place! LOL  I am a "behind the scenes" person when it comes to the limelight. But I am not a behind the scenes person when it comes to decision making. PULL me up a chair!! LOL 

PB: Have you traveled to any foreign countries?  

KCH: I have. I traveled to multiple foreign countries with the kids….back in the day. I loved it, but I am a bit over it. I hate long flights!  

PB: I know you are a serious supporter for the Kentucky Wildcats. How much does sports factor into your life?  

KCH: I am a spectator only!! I think I should underline that sentence in red. But, I love the KY tradition of bleeding blue and always staying loyal to the Wildcats. My thoughts are, if you would leave KY and find a NEW team, you would probably cheat on your spouse! JUST a thought. LOL 

PB: From your Facebook posts I’ve read, you seem to have definite opinions about things in the political realm. Have you ever thought about running for office one day in some capacity? 

KCH: I think I would have enjoyed politics. I have strong opinions, but I also consider myself a negotiator. This is what we must consider in these upcoming elections. Washington is so polarized! I am VERY conservative, but I am tired of gridlock. The senate majority leader has done 20 years of damage with his management of the senate. He has no concern for "We The People" nor the good of the people. I think it's best that I answer the question and move on. In other words: I don't need to get started because I won't shut up!! LOL No, I won't be running for a political office. I am too old to start now. But, thanks for noticing my thoughts and please vote your heart in November!! We need a majority in the senate. 

PB: There are a few things that I do know about you. I know you have some family members that are very well-known, although some folks may not know who they are. Will you share with all of us who those family members are? 

KCH: I married Gerald Crabb when I was 35. I had Krystal and Kelly, and he had Jason, Adam, Aaron, and Terah. We put them in a box, shook it up, and treated them all the same. We told them they were siblings. They believed us. Today, they are STILL siblings. The divorce changed nothing. We are still a family.  All of them love Steve. God's good like that….to replace the heartbreak and loss with a success story!! Gerald and I were married for 15 years and  I was the Crabb Family owner/manage for that entire time, plus a few years past the divorce. We made a family decision to separate into multiple ministries in 2007.  In the early days I was told to change the name "Crabb" or we didn't have a chance. I was told that by all of the NASHVILLE crowd. We didn't. The rest is history.  

Here are my babies:
Krystal: Cornerstone Church, Nashville, TN, age 39 (administrative pastoral assistant)
Jason: Jason Crabb Ministries, age 37 (singer)
Kelly: Bowling Family Ministries, age 36  (singer)
Aaron: Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, TX age 34 (worship leader)  and (Aaron and Amanda Crabb Ministries)
Adam: Gaither Vocal Band, age 34 (singer)
Terah: Terah Crabb Penhollow Ministries, age 31 (singer) 

PB: I saw The Crabb Family in New Albany, MS one night several years ago with several members from my church. It was coming a torrential downpour, storming all around us with lightning everywhere. We were sitting on a parking lot in metal chairs getting drenched. That was definitely not the smartest thing I’ve ever done, sitting outside in a bad storm. But, we were all waiting for The Crabb Family to take the stage, the last group of the night. That night there was a hot air balloon that was part of the big Gospel night. The wind blew the balloon into the power lines and the balloon caught fire. The word I got was that Kelly Crabb Bowling and one of her daughters were the last ones to get off when that happened. I did see a lady and a young girl exit the balloon before it caught fire. Do you know if Kelly and her daughter were the ones I saw exiting that balloon that night? Have you heard this story from Kelly?  

KCH: I text Kelly and asked her about this. Her response. Yes Mom, it happened. I knew you would kill me. I never told you. She's right. Enough said!!  

PB: Oops. Sorry to let the "cat out of the bag," Kelly. 

PB: You must be very proud of your family. They have now gone into separate areas of ministry, but they all still involve music. I think it’s wonderful that they can each stand alone on their own merit or come together in any number of varieties-solo-duet-family and etc. What a talented family you have! Now you get to brag about your kids. 

KCH: Well the talent is unending….truly there is enough talent in the house to blow the house up when they're all here. But that is not what amazes me. What amazes me is that they are still humbled that people want to hear them. They still carry that humbleness that usually leaves after about the 2nd Dove award or the 4th #1 song. THAT'S the part that I love. I tell them often….God's hand on you is your ticket. Live in a manner that God can protect you and you can expect it. They ALL know where they came from, and where they're  going. Truly, knowing these two things keep them ALL on the road of blessings. Krystal isn't a singer, but works in a ministry and is extremely active in soul winning. Truly I AM the most blessed person I know. 
Blood is thicker than water, but love and time spent is thicker than blood. I love them ALL!!  

PB: With everyone spread out in different directions at times, is there ever a time that you all get together under the same roof for some visiting and maybe some singing too?  

KCH: Yes we do. When I have a birthday party, cook out, or just a drop by….always at Christmas and all holidays. It's a natural thing….Mike migrates to the piano….and it happens, and it is GLORIOUS!! 

PB: As a grandmother myself, I know the joys that a grandchild brings to a family. How many grandchildren do you have?  

KCH: 14 total, Eden is the oldest at 19, Ean the baby at 3. Both will be having birthdays in July, so my beginning and probably my ending is July, as it relates to grand babies!! Now, I could get a surprise…who knows, but it would BE a surprise!! I became a grandmother at 38. Looking back, I was so young!!! But, it was such a joy. Each of them are so different, but all amazing and truly gifted. I bet you all knew I was going to say that. I have athletes, singers, actresses, musicians….the entire gambit. I have 10 granddaughters, and 4 grandsons. We have lots of blue eyes and fair skinned babies. We have a redhead, many blondes, and several brunettes. And of course, they are all stunningly beautiful. :) The grandchildren are coming into their own and are going to be the next generation of Jesus loving singers!! :) 

PB: What is your favorite activity to do with them? 

KCH: This would be a very long answer….so I will say…music in various forms, cooking, pool time, and boat…also shopping, nails….see, the list gets long. :) You would just have to be here to understand!! LOLOL I can't leave out makeovers, dress up time, fashion shows, parties….ok. I am stopping. This would be an all day affair to describe. Summary: GOOD times. Family times. We love Christmas. That is another interview, another time :) 

PB: How often do you get to see them? 

KCH: I see the 11 that live in TN often. Of course, the older they get, and the more active their lives are… becomes more about their schedule than mine. But I get such a thrill when I see them and one of them jumps out of the car and runs to me saying "Granny…Granny…Granny" and often times they are taller than I am. My heart smiles:) Amanda and Aaron are moving back to TN in June and I am SO excited to make up for lost time with their 3!! It's an answer to prayer.  

PB: Do you foresee your grandchildren walking in the musical footsteps of the rest of the family? 

KCH: One word. YES! Truthfully, though, I don't care what they do for a career. I just care that they're Saved, Sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost!!! 

PB: Do you have a favorite scripture? 

KCH: Romans 8:28 

PB: Kathy, it’s been my pleasure to chat with you for a little while today. I am confident I know you better than when we started this interview. What parting words of wisdom can you leave for my readers and me?  

KCH: My favorite nugget of wisdom is this: What you compromise to keep, you lose. This principal will always be true!! And also, those of you that have step families, treat them all the same, or as close as possible. They will notice, and they will be better people for it. Stepchildren know that you love them because you CHOSE them, and that makes a difference, truly. You married the parent and the kids!! In my case I Got 4 of them in one day. My life was changed forever, and so was theirs!!! Bottom line, love doesn't read divorce documents. 10 year olds don't read divorce documents. They just know they love who they love. No matter what others may choose, I choose to be here for my 6 kids and be the best granny in Tennessee!!! PERIOD!!! I am cool like that! LOLO  In the end, I win. I have the kids and the memories.  God has been good to this old KY girl!!! I love Him more each day, for He has given me the desires of my sometimes broken heart. He alone is faithful!!!  

PB: Kathy, you are truly an amazing lady. I thought I was pretty well read on you and your family,, but even I learned several new things today. It has been a true joy chatting with you for a little while. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family in ways that only He can. 

Well, as you've read, I have just talked with Kathy Crabb Hannah and the lady is totally awesome. I don't know how it could possibly be, but it you've never heard of The Crabb Family individually or as a whole, I hope you'll make it a point to become acquainted with this remarkable musical family and their music. It will bless your heart. 

Until next time,


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