Monday, March 31, 2014

Christi Pack Johnston, an Extraordinary Lady.

Dear Friends,

I hope you had a great weekend. I know I did. The temperatures are back and forth. One day I'm freezing. The next I'm comfortable. But, those are the little things in life I have no control over, so I'll just take each day as it comes. 

Today I have a real treat for you. Christi Pack Johnston from Atkins, Arkansas is my special guest today here at "JELLY BEAN CENTRAL." Christi is not only my cousin, but she is an amazing lady. You will want to get to know her. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious and she has a big story to tell.

PB: Good morning, Christi. I'm glad to have you as my guest on "JELLY BEAN CENTRAL today." I have several things I want to ask you, so let's get started.

PB: Christi is an amazing wife, mother, author, preacher and speaker. First and foremost, she is a strong Christian lady. Christi, that is my description of you. How would you describe yourself?

CPJ: I would describe myself as a loving, genuine "real deal" lady that loves The Lord Jesus more than anything!

PB: What makes you “tick?”

CPJ: My faith & my love for my family make me tick. 

PB: You are involved in many things. Tell us about some of them.

CPJ: I am a mother, caregiver of a handicapped child, hair stylist & a Christian Speaker. I am a "Jack of all trades." Each day is different!

PB: I’ve already mentioned that you are an author, preacher and speaker. Do you sing too? Do you play any instruments? I can honestly say that I don't know the answers to some of my questions, even though we are family.

CPJ: I do not sing. I am literally tone deaf & instruments are just as bad! I make up my own of Z flat & make a joyful noise!!!

PB: Well, Z flat is a new one for me. lol. 

PB: Since we are family, I know that a large majority of your time is spent taking care of Hannah Brooke, your youngest daughter. Will you share about Hannah and what that entails for you and your family? I think most of my readers will be greatly surprised when they read what you experience daily with Hannah.

CPJ: My daughter, Hannah Brooke, was born with severe cerebral palsy. She cannot walk, talk, see, nor eat by mouth. She has epilepsy & is wheelchair bound. We must do every single thing for her. She is the love of my life & her smile lights up a room.

PB: When you first received the news about the many things that were wrong with Hannah, what went through your mind? 

CPJ: Why me? I did everything right. People do drugs & their babies are ok sometimes. I drank a diet Coke. That's it. Why, why me?

PB: You have another daughter too. How old is Megan now and what does she like to do?

CPJ: Meg is 12 & loves The Lord more than anything! She loves to study her Bible, texting on her IPhone, basketball, and softball.

PB: I’ve never seen a more loving mother than you are with Hannah and Meg. Have you always been a patient person?

CPJ: I have always been a nurturer & patient. As a kid I wanted to be a vet because I would clean up animals & love them back to life. 

PB: Jamie, your husband, is definitely a God-send. How does Jamie help you the most with Hannah since you’re a working mother and you have a family to care for too? 

CPJ: Jamie helps me by being my rock. He's stable & when things are tough, he encourages me.

PB: Your book, Love Language, was written about Hannah. Can you tell us why you wrote the book?

CPJ: I wanted others to know that God can take any situation & bless it. He takes our mess & gives us a message of Hope if we cast our cares upon Him.

PB:  What kind of comments have you gotten after folks have read Love Language? I know I was awestruck after reading my copy. 

CPJ: People have been touched & folks even saved by the story. You never know what someone is going through until you know their story.

PB:  As a Christian mother, I know Hannah’s journey is one that you can use to witness to others and tell of God’s goodness. What are some of the opportunities that have opened up for you because of Hannah’s situation?

CPJ: To testify of Gods strength & power to overcome any obstacle. If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it! I have been able to open my life up & encourage others to "press on" in Christ.

PB: Tell my readers about your speaking engagements? 

CPJ: God has allowed me to go into churches, meetings, ladies' events & share my story. I have been sharing my story and also have begun preaching the Word as well. I am a licensed minister through the AB of C Organization.

PB: How far are you willing to travel to speak at a church, event, conference and etc.? 

CPJ: I am willing to travel 6-7 hours, depending on the event & time.

PB: Do you have a favorite scripture?

CPJ: Jeremiah 29:13

PB: What are some things my readers may not know about you?

CPJ: I love coffee, despise seafood (even the smell) & enjoy the beach! 

PB: I know you’re on Facebook. Are you on any other social media sites?

CPJ: I am on Twitter and Facebook. 

PB: As a loving, concerned mother, how do you feel about protecting your family from the inappropriate TV shows, commercials and the technology age in general? 

CPJ: We very rarely watch TV & when we do we have rules & boundaries. I also have my daughters phone linked to my IPad so I always know what is going on.:) 

PB: Do you have a website? Where can Love Language be purchased?


PB: Christi, as we wrap up this interview, what parting words would you like to leave with my readers?  

CPJ: You can do whatever you make your mind up to do. Truly YOU can do ALL things, not some things, through Christ. Devote your life to Him. Keep Him as the " Centerpiece" and all things will work for your good!

Christi, it's been a true joy chatting with you today about yourself, your family and your ministry. Best wishes in the days ahead. Give those sweet girls a hug for me. 

Well, friends. You have gotten to spend a few minutes today getting to know my cousin Christi Pack Johnston. She is absolutely"on fire" for the Lord. I can't think of two better parents to entrust with Hannah and Meg's care. They are truly awesome!

I hope you will take a minute and order Love Language by Christi Pack Johnston. It will remind you what a big God we serve and how one family deals with the fact of learning that their baby has many challenges ahead of her. Below is the Amazon link to order this phenomenal book. You'll be glad you did.

If you need a speaker for a conference, revival and etc., I hope you'll consider Christi. She stands on God's Word unashamedly. 

Until next time,


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