Thursday, April 24, 2014

Poem In A Pocket

Dear Friends, 

Today is Poem In A Pocket day. While I'm not giving poems away to folks or sticking poems in pockets today, I wanted to share another one of my poems with you. I hope it will mean something special to you as you read it, maybe even take you down memory lane in your own life. 

                                                                       FILTHY TEMPLE

This bag of flesh and bones is God's creation;
One day He breathed the breath of life in me.
His purpose wasn't so a crowd would gather,
But so that I could serve Him honorably.

While taking inventory of this temple,
I find there needs to be some cleaning done.
My life-sustaining organ isn't spotless,
But stained with shameful sin I can't outrun.

Daily sin collects upon my heart's door,
Penetrating, focusing within.
This filthy temple that I call my body
Stands ready for a cleansing once again.

I will never overcome temptation
Or be the person God wants me to be
If I am never willing to relinquish
The evil and the ugly found in me.

My offerings are meager, yet He loves me;
He knows there's good that can replace the bad.
He's confident that I am not a "lost cause,"
And rescues me from rough times that I've had.

God sent the greatest janitor in Jesus
To scrub away the scum He daily sees.
His motive is to clean my filthy temple, 
Sanitizing and maintaining endlessly.

*This poem is one of 100 from my book: Walk Softly (You're Steppin' On My Heart!). Available on Amazon. 

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