Friday, April 11, 2014

People Throwing Packages at Me While I'm Singing

Dear Friends,

I come from several generations of singers, songwriters and musicians. I joined my daddy's band when I was only nine years old. I sang and played the acoustic guitar. That was the first band I joined. Two more bands would follow years later. I won a talent contest in the 4th grade and kept right on singing. I've always been surrounded by music from both sides of my family, but it was my daddy that has had the largest musical influence on me. 

In my early years I sang many solos in the one-room church I attended at Robertstown, AR. When we moved back into town, I delved right into church there and the music program was a top priority for me. I sang on a Saturday afternoon radio program on station KVOM in my hometown of Morrilton, AR with my daddy's band-Ben Baker and the Mountain Music Makers. And, my church, Morrilton Assembly of God, had a radio program every Sunday morning and I sang on it too as a soloist and as a member of the church choir. 

I was blessed to have sung many times on the Cal Dring Morning Show in Little Rock, AR years ago and I've appeared on the Tommy Trent Fun Barn in Little Rock. I sang on it the night Nat Stuckey was there. You might remember Nat's big hit-Has Anybody Here Seen Sweet Thang?

I was invited to be the headliner one time at the Del Mack Opry in Fayetteville, AR. I thought I had everything ready for my big entrance. The plan was for me to be introduced, then walk out on stage singing Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. Wouldn't you know it? The house band started the song in the wrong key. What should have been perfect had to be stopped and started over so I could sing the song in a lower key. Goodness. It was the first time my name had ever been on a theatre marquee and the band messed up right at the beginning. Oh well, I got over it and the show went on.

What a thrill it was to sing for those wonderful folks until they started walking up to the stage and throwing wrapped packages at me! Probably like most of you I was wondering if my singing was really that bad for folks to throw things at me. As it turned out, there was something the theatre manager had forgotten to tell me until the show was over. If folks like the singing, they bring you presents, or actually they throw presents at your feet. It was a little difficult to finish my show because I didn't know what was happening at the time and I didn't know what was in those wrapped packages. Anyway, eventually I got through the show.

Music has always been a very important part of my family. If I couldn't sing and write songs, I think I'd self-destruct. I love music that much. It's a great way to express yourself like no other. 

I also started writing songs at nine years old. I've been writing ever since. I'm hoping this is my breakout year and that several of my songs get recorded by names that you would automatically recognize. Like every songwriter I'm sure, I think I have some good songs. I'm just anxious to hear some of them on the radio. If I have a bucket list, that would be one of the things at the very top. 

Meeting Mark Wills and Joseph Baldwyn last night got me reflecting on my music days. You can see what a passion those men have for music. The same could have been said about me during my days on stage, radio and television. Actually, I still have a passion for music. I just don't normally perform on stage anymore. 

Well, dear friends, I've shared some of my past and my love for singing and songwriting. There is much more to know. Believe me when I say this. Maybe that will be a blog for another day. 

Have a great day and make this day your best one yet. 

Until next time,



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