Monday, April 21, 2014

A Serving Heart for Jesus

Dear Friends,

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter. After church, my family had lunch together and got in some visiting time too. I miss the good ol' days when my house was full and our Arkansas family could come down for a few days. Daddy is in heaven now, so those days are gone. I still hope there will come a day when the ones that remain can be together again under the same roof for a little while. If that never happens, I'll cherish the memories we once had. 

Before I ever got out of bed this morning, this poem from my book Walk Softly (You're Steppin' On My Heart!) came to my mind. I feel that God laid this on my heart because someone needs to read it this morning. Here it is.

                                                                          USE ME

Lord, use me on this Monday anyway You choose to do, 
Whether taking meals to the elderly or buying a child new shoes,
Dusting pews or retrieving litter from Your sacred ground
Or let me pass a smile along when Life comes crashing down.

Lord, use me to scrub those pots and pans when other folks won't stay;
Let me use the talents You have given each and every day,
Give needed words when a phone call comes and death rears its ugly head,
When the cabinets wreak of emptiness, help me see that folks get fed.

Lord, use me to make a phone call, pay a visit, or send a card;
Keep me mindful I'm to serve You in both the easy times and hard.
Use me, Lord, not just on Mondays, but the other days as well;
Let me share the "Good News" of Your lasting love that saves from hell.

Lord, use me as a beacon when the path is dark and long;
Let me lead lost souls to You and watch You plant in them a song.
Although I'm only average, take the gifts You've given me;
Expand and multiply them for the cause of Calvary.

With no intention of letting up, there's so much yet to do;
The fields are white unto harvest and the laborers are few.
I want to serve You, Lord, and give the best I have to give;
The best in me is You, dear Lord, as long as Your servant lives. 

I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope that all of us will serve Jesus today and everyday to the best of our abilities.

Until next time,